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January 27, 2011

I have a Protege

by Bonnie Best

I’ve been honored to have had several of my readers write to me, and inform me, that my book had been beneficial to them in one way or the other.  As an author, there is no higher compliment.  I am blessed to have had the fortitude to continue forward in completing the book, because I knew that there would be “someone” out there that could benefit from my experience.  My intent was to help others avoid the  pitfalls that new pet sitters stumble in, and also help them  become better pet sitters for their clients. 

This past week I had another privilege and that was being introduced to one of my youngest protégé’s, a 10-year-old who is very busy out there creating her own dream of becoming a pet sitter!  She received my book as a gift and was just thrilled to be “getting tips” from it and how excited and happy she was to be able to be a pet sitter!  I have never heard a person so enthusiastic, and thrilled to be helping others!  She understands that her service is indeed important.  She went on to tell me what services she provides, which is not limited to basic pet care, but also includes taking in the mail.  She has even provided in “her home” care for one puppy because the owner does not want to leave it home alone.  Good idea and one I recommend, for dogs under 1  1/2 years of age. 

I asked her if I could feature her on my blog and she was as honored as I was in speaking with her! 

Her name is Alexandra Barikhan and she is thrilled to be a pet sitter.  She not only cares for the pets, feeding and watering, but also cleans up the yard and litter pans and brings in the mail.  She informed me she cares for all animals including turtles! 

Her background in animal care comes from growing up in a family who raise and show champion dogs and horses.  Right from birth, animals have been a large part of her life.  Not only does she handle the dogs, smooth coated collies, in the junior handling classes, she also shows a beautiful champion Friesian stallion. 

Having the opportunity to speak with Alexandra, was not only fun and enlightening, but a flash back to my own child hood and how it all started for me. Hearing Alexandra’s passion, I know her future is definitely a bright one! She will certainly be running a very successful pet sitting business!  Her parents can be proud in having a young entrepreneur in the family, filled with dreams, and the desire to achieve them.  Truly an American spirit!

January 25, 2011

Lily & Miles

by Bonnie Best

Let’s start my new blog off right by introducing our client(s) of the month, two little miracles, Miles and Lily Michelizzi, and their proud owner Monica! 

Miles and Lily are perfect examples of what happens when a caring person opens their heart and home to unwanted animals.   Both kittens were abandoned and then rescued by Monica, who with her patience and love, have both overcome their fears and health issues, and now thrive in their new home.  They’re even getting used to their pet sitter!

Monica has been a client for many years and her home is one of those, that as a pet sitter, you feel more a part of the family than just “hired help.”  Her original kittens, Mr. Madeleine and Penelope, were such a part of my life, that everyone in my family knew them by name, and remembers their little idiosyncrasies.  Especially the very “purr-snickety” Penelope!  Unfortunately, with all of our pets, they cross the rainbow bridge far too soon, and such was the case for Mr. Madeleine and Penelope.  After time, though, other little 4 legged balls of fur and love, will find their way into our hearts, whether we think it is time or not.  This is exactly what happened to Monica, Miles and Lily found her!  I’m not sure who is better for whom, Monica for rescuing Miles and Lily, or Lily and Miles finding Monica. I do know that our memories stay fond, and our love continues to be shared with new pets.  I believe we comfort each other, and without our pets, our lives would not be complete.

Meet Lily:

& Miles:

2011, for these two, will be a busy one keeping Monica entertained and the pet sitter, me, learning their new kitty rules! We are looking forward to many more years of kitty delight at the Michelizzi home!