Protege congratulations!

by Bonnie Best

Special kudos to two of my newest “pet sitting proteges!”  Ketura Worthen, owner of Pawsome Pet Sitters in Las Vegas, got a great review and she’s just getting started.  Check it out…  “We were very pleased with the level of care shown to our Havanese Rudy. We were also impressed with the daily reports and pictures we received.  It was obvious Rudy was shown love in our absence. The “welcome home” card and treats for Rudy were a very nice touch. Pawsome Pet Sitters is without a doubt a first class business deserving the highest of praise!”


I am so proud to be able to say my book helped Pawsome Pet Sitters get up and running with few glitches!  Great job and best of wishes to you for your continued success!


Secondly kudos to Jo McNally on taking that first (or should I say second, after reading the book!) giant leap, and deciding that “YES” she is going to do pet sitting on a professional level!  I am so excited for both of you ladies.  Keep me posted and remember, I am only a few computer clicks away if you need any help, or just another pet sitter to talk to!

Remember. if you are considering pet sitting as a profession, check it out  and the book “The Real Poop Scoop on Pet Sitting, Create Financial Freedom Playing with Pets!”  Available via the website, Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles.  Happy Pet Sitting!

One Comment to “Protege congratulations!”

  1. Thank you very much for including me in your blog, I feel honoured to have you as a friend and an inspiration.

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