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April 28, 2011

Rev, Our Dynamo Dog

by Bonnie Best

Meet Rev Dahlberg, client of the month and our little dynamo dog!  Not only is Rev, (named for the family’s minister) a feisty little fellow, but he has character, class and intelligence all wrapped up in one little 15 pound ball of fur! He is the most aristocratic dog I have ever met; he knows exactly how the world is run –HIS way and would certainly be elected “King of the World” if he could! Sweet and meticulous, alert and confident, Rev is a joy to pet sit.  He is my “no muss, no fuss” little dog with a heart of gold!  I am so thankful he, and his human counterparts, Susan and his “grandpa” John  Dahlberg, (Rev’s true love!) found me to be his caretaker when his family is away!

Grandpa John is Rev’s “true love!”

Isn’t he playful?

March 26, 2011

Wonderful Westies

by Bonnie Best

Meet my Client of the Month —- >The Wonderful Westies, Sammie, Baja, Jelly and Sue Bowman!

Ok, so some people say I am animal crazy, and every once in a while I meet a client who is just like me!  I must say, Sue and her gang fit the bill!  Not only does Sue rescue, as sweet Sammie will attest to that, but she has gone above and beyond with her Westies in care, showing and breeding.  The birds of course, really do rule the roost, but don’t tell the Westies that.  Levi, Lainie, Vixen and the newest member, Millie, all would say they are in charge!

This is Sammie.

Sue in action with Vixen

Visiting and caring for Sue’s pets is always a joy for me, as being raised with multitudes of pets, and then becoming a veterinarian technician, I feel more at home with many, than say the singleton pet.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all my single pet households, but for me, I am one of those pet sitters, who have no fear of doing the “3 to infinity” pet homes, and is quite comfortable accommodating them!   

We’ve been helping Sue for years, and just adore her menagerie, and now we get to play with newborn puppies!  I wanted to share Sue’s newest video of the baby with all of you.  It’s just the best to spend time watching puppies grow!

Also, visit her website,, especially if you are interested in, or just want to learn more about how wonderful Westies (West Highland White Terriers) can be!

February 20, 2011

Murphy, Sam & Tiger

by Bonnie Best

We’ve been pet sitting Mr. Murphy, Sam and Tiger long before Murphy was even born. Because they are so much fun to be with, we at The Best Pet Sitting often  fight over who is going to do the  pet sittings! This  is why they are February’s Client of the Month!

Mr. Murphy makes it quite clear what he wants, and we need to get to it immediately, and that is his belly rubs! His poor brothers, Sam and Tiger, always wait patiently while we attend to Murphy’s “first round of belly rubs” before they can get to their special time of kitty treats. Then it’s back to more belly rubs, his special food, and then more belly rubs.  As far as Murphy is concerned, his kitty brothers just do not need any attention; it’s all about Murphy! We have to gently tell him that the kitties need love too, and he has to share his pet sitters with them. We usually get a big “sigh” from him as we then attend to the kitty needs he finds so silly, and a waste of valuable belly rub time! I don’t think I have ever had a dog that is so intent about this procedure, but we all certainly look forward to it!

It’s fun to know and care for pets from their babyhood to old age. We form such a special bond, and this is so true with these three. Unfortunately, this winter we lost their fourth sibling, Nimbus, and we do miss the “lump in the bed” very much. Nimbus would always hide under the covers!

Murphy as a puppy.

Murphy today.
Pets like these guys remind us daily how lucky we as pet sitters are! You have to admit, to spend your days giving belly rubs and handing out kitty treats, is just the best job on the planet. Thanks to Murphy, Sam and Tiger for making my days brighter!

This is Tiger…

and our Sam.

January 25, 2011

Lily & Miles

by Bonnie Best

Let’s start my new blog off right by introducing our client(s) of the month, two little miracles, Miles and Lily Michelizzi, and their proud owner Monica! 

Miles and Lily are perfect examples of what happens when a caring person opens their heart and home to unwanted animals.   Both kittens were abandoned and then rescued by Monica, who with her patience and love, have both overcome their fears and health issues, and now thrive in their new home.  They’re even getting used to their pet sitter!

Monica has been a client for many years and her home is one of those, that as a pet sitter, you feel more a part of the family than just “hired help.”  Her original kittens, Mr. Madeleine and Penelope, were such a part of my life, that everyone in my family knew them by name, and remembers their little idiosyncrasies.  Especially the very “purr-snickety” Penelope!  Unfortunately, with all of our pets, they cross the rainbow bridge far too soon, and such was the case for Mr. Madeleine and Penelope.  After time, though, other little 4 legged balls of fur and love, will find their way into our hearts, whether we think it is time or not.  This is exactly what happened to Monica, Miles and Lily found her!  I’m not sure who is better for whom, Monica for rescuing Miles and Lily, or Lily and Miles finding Monica. I do know that our memories stay fond, and our love continues to be shared with new pets.  I believe we comfort each other, and without our pets, our lives would not be complete.

Meet Lily:

& Miles:

2011, for these two, will be a busy one keeping Monica entertained and the pet sitter, me, learning their new kitty rules! We are looking forward to many more years of kitty delight at the Michelizzi home!